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Mixed Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In September

In every individual, there are many hidden talents and something special and magical. At OMMA Mixed Martial Arts, it is our joyful mission to assist you in finding your special and unique talents and help you turn those talents into skills that will make life more rewarding and fulfilling.

We offer not just a complete martial arts curriculum, but holistic and complete training for the body, mind and spirit. In addition to strength, cardio, flexibility and agility training, our students receive internal energetic training, nutritional training and mental and spiritual training including meditation and philosophy.


Whether you've never taken a Mixed Martial Arts class before, or whether you've gone through the belt ranks, our expert black belt instructors are committed to helping you exceed your fitness goals with each and every class! Before you know it, you'll be fit, fast and fierce.

The Mixed Martial Arts curriculum at OMMA Mixed Martial Arts consists of blend of Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Cardio Fitness and other MMA techniques to teach you the most effective fighting skills both standing and on the ground. With each new class you will mast precision chops, crushing kicks and powerful punches! And while you're learning the skills that could save your life, you'll enjoy dozens of extra benefits that you can only get with the martial arts. Here are just a few:

  • You'll be more energetic than ever as your cardiovascular fitness skyrockets
  • Your ability to concentrate and stay focused will surprise you
  • You'll effortlessly drop unwanted pounds and ugly body fat
  • You'll laugh away the things that once stressed you

We welcome men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds and are committed to providing a safe, supportive, friendly, yet challenging environment for every individual who take the powerful step to train at OMMA.


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